Talks & Food Demos

10:45-11:45 - Food demonstration


Karen Medbury from Organic Energy


Organic Energy is a retail organic fruit and vegetable shop located in Griffith, Canberra.


Owner, Karen Medbury, will join us for a raw food demonstration. Here's a taste of what Karen will

whip up at the Festival: 

Garden Soup

Pesto & crackers

Cashew chia pudding with

fruit salad &

raspberry coulis

Organic Energy at LGF 2016

11:45-12:30 - Presentation


Martin Tye - South Coast author

Martin Tye will be promoting his book, Dynamic Balance.


Martin's passion is 'promoting the economics of "balance" as a genuine, workable alternative to endless economic growth, in order to secure a better world'.

'Dynamic Balance' is much more than a book. It's a movement for change driven by a positive vision for a better future.

Come along to find out more about this vision for an innovative and productive economy while operating within our ecological limits.

12:30-1:30pm Waste Wars Panel

Loren Howell, Karina Bontes Forward & Mia Swainson

Have you ever wondered how people manage to fit their entire household waste into one small jar? Or what it would take to rid your life of all that plastic for good? Come along to this panel discussion to meet three local individuals who have done just that.

Practical tips for living plastic-free & reducing household waste

Loren is the owner of the local eco-label, Yangoora Close, which she created on the premise of a plastic free lifestyle.  After completing her studies in environmental management, Loren realized that some of the biggest impacts on the environment are consequences of the choices we make everyday. Concerned with the overuse of disposable plastic in society and our “throw away” culture, Loren stopped using plastic altogether in her own life and designed a showcase of ethically sourced, biodegradable and reusable items that enable individuals to reduce their impact on the environment and fulfill their eco-friendly lifestyle. She now continues play an educational role in the community, raising public awareness on the perils of plastic.

Karina is the Community Gardener at the Canberra Environment Centre, environmental scientist and a sustainability educator. She has appeared on TV, radio, panel discussions and hosts local workshops teaching people how to compost correctly, reducing their waste as well as their environmental footprint.

Mia is passionate about creating a more sustainable world and believes that everyone can make a difference. Trained as an environmental engineer, Mia has worked in sustainable development with the Australian Government and community sector for more than 15 years. Mia’s work has taken her around the world to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and back to Canberra. She currently tends her kitchen garden, cares for three young boys and is a sustainable lifestyle writer for HerCanberra.

1:30-2:45 - Presentation and Food Demonstration

Kris Goetz - health coach; founder of mylk Revolution & 7-day Dairy-free Kickstarter

In 2008 Kris was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and the autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s. Kris' health practitioners pointed her towards medication and increased dairy consumption rather than life-style and nutritional changes. Over the following years Kris realised the full power of nutrition. She gained certification as a health coach, made conscious food choices and completely changed her diet. Today she has boundless energy, is 13kg lighter and enjoys every bite of her dairy-free food.


Kris now leads the mylk Revolution with a 7-day dairy-free Kickstarter, a program she wished existed when she was first diagnosed with lactose intolerance.

Kris believes that going dairy-free and ultimately vegan has changed her whole life. She hopes that her own story will get many people thinking and inspire others to make the same sorts of choices, and to live by the values they believe in.

You will walk away from this workshop with actionable lifestyle hacks and recipes that make your transition into a delicious dairy-free live super easy. Kris will show you how to make the following dairy-free wonders:

Deluxe almond mylk   No time 5min pasta sauce    Nice cream

2:45-3:45 - Presentation

Therese Kerr - Goodwill Health and Wellness Ambassador for Australian Organic, Organic Industry Leader, Holistic Wellness Advocate, Author.


Therese is the manufacturer of certified organic personal care and skincare products. In 2015 she was voted one of Australia's Top 50 Most Influential Woman.
We currently have a level of ill health that we have never experienced before. Cancer, autoimmune disease, thyroid, weight and hormone-related illnesses and diseases are at an all time high.


Therese will talk about simple health changes that will have long lasting and beneficial impacts. She will share inspiring stories of people who have made simple changes and benefited immensely. Therese will provide suggestions for experiencing health at a much improved level.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in talks or demos at the Living Green Festival are those of the speaker and are not necessarily those of the Festival organisers (The Living Green Festival (ACT) Inc.). Talks and demos at the Living Green Festival, or the presence of vendors at the Living Green Festival, do not constitute an endorsement of the vendors' or speakers' views, products or services by the Festival organisers.