Talks, food demos & workshops

Check out the fascinating (and free!) talks, food demonstrations & workshops at this year's

Living Green Festival.

11-2pm, Outside Workshop Area

Fix up your bike with Cycle Jam!

Drop by anytime with your bike and the Jam will help you get it into top shape, from fixing flats to building a wheel!

11am-12pm, Speakers Hall

Watch Karen Medbury from Organic Energy give a raw cuisine demonstration, including:

  • fettucine alfredo

  • berry and fruit flan with cashew cream

There will be tasters!

12-12.30pm, Speakers Hall

Ethics Beyond the Plate with Viva La Vegan's Leigh-Chantelle.

With the mainstream media watering down the meaning of veganism with its dietary, fitness and weight-loss focus, is the vegan movement losing its core ethics? Find out more about how we can work together as vegans and activists to promote inclusivity, learn from other movements, and lead by example to promote compassion to ALL we encounter. Learn how to become a more effective activist and make these much-needed changes.

1-2pm, Speakers Hall

Ben Mettes - Constitutional Challenge about Climate Change

Ben will be talking about the threat of climate catastrophe. At the LGF Ben will launch a constitutional challenge of the Australian Government's current policy on climate change - you'll hear it here first!

2-2.30pm, Speakers Hall

Sustainable Health with Dr Kal Lentile
Dr Kal Lentile of Ki Acupuncture in the ACT will discuss the concept of Sustainable Healthcare. Our bodies contain hundreds of self repair mechanisms that can be promoted using natural therapies such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietary therapy. Using the bodies innate healing capacity is a sustainable approach to long term health and self reliance.

2.30-3pm, Speakers Hall

Bees in our backyards – what’s all the buzz about?

Helen Vaughan from ACT for Bees will show us how our foods depend on bees! Bees pollinate around 2/3 of Australia’s food and yet their numbers are declining rapidly worldwide. There is a lot we can do in our own backyards and communities to help our bees thrive.


Helen will show us simple steps towards a bee-friendly backyard and how to increase and support local bee populations.

Helen runs “Helen’s Garden Mentoring”, is trained in horticulture and permaculture, and is passionate about how gardens can not only contribute to our food but also support our physical and mental wellbeing.

12.30-1pm, Speakers Hall

Paul Dickson from Nature Engagement Tours will be giving a talk about a disorder known as Nature Deficit Disorder which can occur among children and parents and what we can do to combat it.